OWG Surface Recording Gyro

Save Time And Money With Instant Survey Data

Look to OilWell Guidance’s SURFACE RECORDING GYRO to orient motors, whipstocks & set platform drilling templates. Records unlimited number of survey stations in well bore.

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Inclination+/- 0.1°
Azimuth+/- 1°
Toolface+/- 0.125°


Pressure Case O.D.1 3/4" (without heatshield)
Pressure Rating18,000 psi
Temperature Rating125° C (257° F)
Pressure Case O.D2 1/16" (with heatshield)
Pressure Rating22,000 psi
Temperature Rating >175° C (347° F) -4 hours
Shot Capacity150
Parameters SampledX, Y and Z axis sensors, temperature, probe volts
Power SourceSingle conductor wireline
Transmission Rate2,400 bps
Data Update1 second
Surface EquipmentWindows XP and Win7 PC OS

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