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Gyros At Work

OilWell Guidance creates surveying technology for immediate field use. Development of advanced pragmatic solutions comes from our 76 years of comprehensive gyro survey experience.

  • Gyro Directional Surveying
  • Drop Gyro
  • Motor and Whipstock Orientations
  • GeoTechnical
  • GeoThermal
  • Water Wells
  • Mining

Products and Services – Gyro Survey

OilWell Guidance Trajectory Services specializes in the latest innovations in gyro surveying technology.  We provide services for Oil and Gas, Geotechnical, Geothermal, Civil Engineering, Water and Mining.

Need Constant Real-Time Reporting? Learn which system is best for you. Don’t miss our SEEKER PRO North-Finding System


Real-Time Gyro

Survey in memory and calculate when your tool is back. Don’t miss the smallest gyro system in the business with our SEEKER Mini138


Memory Gyro

With the push of a button The SWITCH will give you single and multi-shot surveying in one tool


Magnetic Survey