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Guiding Drillers With Confidence

OilWell Guidance Trajectory Services specializes in the latest innovations in gyro surveying technology.  We provide services for Oil and Gas, Mining, Geotechnical, Geothermal and Civil Engineering.  Success in these highly competitive drilling markets depends on always moving in the right direction. Drilling operations have countless constantly moving parts, making unbroken efficiency a priority for every team. Incorporating new technology is not just a benefit – it is a necessity.

OilWell Guidance is a privately held company headquartered in Houston, Texas. As a subsidiary of Compass-Directional Guidance, we have progressed through extensive expertise and practical understanding of drilling needs. 

 OilWell Guidance creates surveying technology for immediate field use. Development of advanced pragmatic solutions comes from our 76 years of comprehensive gyro survey experience. Our versatile instruments and tools offer new features, more accurate information, and faster use, with operations and methods already familiar to your team. OilWell Guidance continues to develop new surveying options, including solid-state technology, real-time, and memory gyro systems capable of withstanding the harshest environmental conditions.   

Our customers’ constant success is the foundation of our own achievements. We will grow our company through our people, products, performance and customer service.  We support our customers by providing new surveying solutions that promote productivity and profits.

Gyro Surveying

Explore every inch of your path with OWG, no matter how extensive.

OWG incorporates the most sophisticated means of gyroscopic exploration ensuring your path to success. Learn more about gyroscopic navigation.