Our Mission - Gyro Survey

We are moving drillers in the right direction. Drilling operations have countless constantly moving parts, making unbroken efficiency a priority for every team. That is where we can help. 

Products and Services - Gyro Survey

OilWell Guidance Trajectory Services specializes in the latest gyro survey technology innovations.  We provide gyro services for Oil and Gas, Geotechnical, Geothermal, Civil Engineering, Water and Mining.

Need Constant Real-Time Reporting? Learn which system is best for you. Don’t miss our SEEKER PRO North-Finding System

Real-Time Gyro

Survey in memory and calculate when your tool is back. Don’t miss the smallest gyro system in the business with our SEEKER Mini138

Memory Gyro

With the push of a button The SWITCH will give you single and multi-shot surveying in one tool

Magnetic Survey

Gyro Survey

Explore every inch of your path with OWG, no matter how extensive.

OWG incorporates the most sophisticated means of gyro exploration ensuring your path to success. OilWell Guidance is a privately held company headquartered in Houston,  TX. As a subsidiary of Compass-Directional Guidance , we have progressed through extensive expertise and practical understanding of drilling needs. Learn more about gyro navigation.